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Why Can't We Be Friends?

Why Can't We Be Friends?

In today's world is increasingly divided, with people of different races, religions, and political factions near-constantly in conflict, the words from the 1975 R&B hit "Why Can't We Be Friends?" come to mind. In today's world, we are indoctrinated to believe that those who do not agree with us are morally flawed. We judge people by what groups they are affiliated with, without knowing who they are. This tendency has led to an overall increase in conflict and violence worldwide, and a state of political stalemate in our beloved nation.

The rhetoric that we hear far too often is that "America is more politically polarized than ever before." That statement is, in the words of our president, "Wrong!" America is not more divided; we have just lost the ability to accept that there is no one right way to think, and to work together with those with whom we do not agree to find compromise. We always speak of the Founding Fathers with reverence and respect, and of the birth of our nation as a time of agreement and peace. A lot of those guys hated each other! However, they put their differences aside to work together for a common goal.

So, how do we change this toxic culture of conflict? There is no simple answer, but we can start by how we as individuals behave. The key is looking for common ground before we look for differences. Sometimes, we see someone and think "How could we have anything in common?" Well, let me help you out. As human beings, regardless of our background, we all have a family. We all had two parents. We all have family history. There is no one on this planet who did not come from a family. No matter how perfect, or how broken, we all have an inherit love for our family. So lets build on that!

Changing the world starts one decision at a time. Every time we decide to choose love over hate, we make a difference. It isn't easy, but luckily we at came up with a great reminder. Go to today to design your personal Family Tree Print, to remind yourself where you came from, and to remind yourself that where other people came from isn't all that different.

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    Alec Cutler

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