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That Wasn't Me, I Was Framed!

That Wasn't Me, I Was Framed!

Just like how what you wear affects how you look, how you frame a Family Tree Print is an important part of its presentation. Finding a good frame is hard.  If you want something plain you can just go to Michael's or Ikea, but if you want something unique it will cost you time and money. In an effort to save you both, we at Family Tree Prints have looked around to find some of the best frames at each price point; take a look!


Good - Vintage Gold Picture Frame $21.68 USD

Better - Fractal Burn Picture Frame $36.15 USD

Best - Chic Black Picture Frame $67.14 USD


Good - Black Contemporary Frame $24.26 USD

Better - Solid Wood Country Brown Picture Frame $37.18 USD

Best - Modern Stainless Silver Picture Frame $70.23 USD


Good - Wood Grain Picture Frame $36.74 USD

Better - Barnwood Ornate Rustic Off-White Picture Frame $48.78 USD

Best - Floating Acrylic Frame $74.95 USD

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Unique Gifts For Family: The Family Tree eGift Card

Unique Gifts For Family: The Family Tree eGift Card

'Tis the season for remembering and recognizing those we love through thoughtful gift giving, which means you're probably on the hunt for unique gifts for family members! Regardless of who you have on your gift-giving list this year (parents, grandparents, children, nieces, nephews, siblings, cousins, etc.) a Family Tree Prints eGift card is a great choice! Want to learn a little more about it?

How does it work?

It's easy! You choose the number of generations you'd like to gift (4-5, 6-7, or 8-9), and then we send you an electronic gift card via email within 24 hours--normally faster! The balance of the gift card acts as a dollar amount, so your gift recipient can choose to upgrade to a larger chart if they'd like to and just pay the difference.

What form does it come in?

Our Family Tree Prints eGift card is a PDF. Here's an example of what it looks like (with your recipient's own unique code of course)! You can either print the PDF for a physical, wrappable gift or forward it on electronically to your gift recipient!

What occasions is a Family Tree Prints gift card suitable for?

Well, we're glad you asked! Pretty much, you name it, and it's a great occasion for a thoughtful and personal gift like a Family Tree Prints gift card. Christmas, Hannukah, birthdays, baptisms, births, weddings, funerals and anniversaries are a few of our favorites.

When would you recommend a gift card over an actual chart I've created for my family member?

The short answer is it all depends on how much time you're interested to spend, what kind of access you have to this particular family member's genealogy, and how confident you are with their taste preferences. We've done a little break-down of our recommendations for gift card vs. pre-made chart for a variety of relationships over here.

Can I use a discount code for the purchase of a gift card?

Yes, yes you may!

Do gift cards expire or lose value over time?

No, they do not :)


Ready to get the perfect unique gift for family members this year? Grab your gift cards here.



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Unique Gifts For Family: Gift Card vs. Pre-Personalized Family Tree

Unique Gifts For Family: Gift Card vs. Pre-Personalized Family Tree

If you've already realized that a Family Tree Print is the perfect unique gift for a family member but you're not sure whether you should simply give them a gift card or create their family tree for them, this post is for you. The main things you should consider in fine-tuning our unique gifts for your family are:

1) What access do you have to their genealogy?
2) How well do you know their design preferences?
3) How much time do you have/want to spend?
4) How technologically savvy are they?

Access: If you have easy access to a family member's (or friend's!) genealogy, this makes creating a genealogy wall chart for them that much easier. If you don't have access to their genealogy easily but really have your heart set on creating their chart for them (either because you know if you gift them a project it will never get done, or you REALLY want them to have the finished project to unwrap for that WOW! factor) we have some recommendations for you here. Import from FamilySearch or GEDCOM are always easiest (remember that you can choose anyone you'd like to be the center of your chart using their FamilySearch ID!) but manual entry is also an option.
Design Preferences: If you know what they love, so much the better (and even if you gift a gift card you can make a recommendation for which templates made you think of them!) If you're a little stuck but still want to gift a finished chart, we'd recommend keeping it classy and classy. Our most popular templates by far are:

Time: It can take as few as 3 minutes to create a chart, but if you have to do manual entry, are indecisive or have some fine-tuning to do it will take you a little longer. (Personally, I typically spend between 15-30 minutes on a chart after all the names are imported fixing names, and playing with color and font to perfectly personalize a chart.) Gift cards take no active time at all :)

Technology savvy: If "online" is a scary place for your gift recipient, we'd recommend making their chart for them--simple as that!

Here's a little break-down of our recommendations of gift card vs. pre-made family tree by relationship.
Spouse: Create their chart for them
Presumably, you have access to their genealogy. If you haven't already synced with them in FamilySearch, do it, and then you'll have all the access you need--tutorial on that here. (The process takes less than 10 minutes, but you will likely need your spouse's FamilySearch login credentials unless you can get the ancestry information from your in-laws to get you to their first decease ancestor on each line.) You also should have a good idea of what design style would work well with your home's decor. 

Parents: Create their chart for them

Your parents' genealogy is part of your genealogy, so it's really easy to fill in their chart using your own FamilySearch integration (or manually using what you already know). As long as you feel that you're comfortable choosing a chart template you think your parents would like (when in doubt go with a classic like White Simplicity!), go ahead and create your parents' chart for them rather than giving a gift card! 

Grandparents: Create their chart for them

Your grandparents' genealogy is also part of your genealogy, so again, it's easy to fill in their chart automatically using your own FamilySearch integration. Many grandparents feel less comfortable with technology, so this is another great reason to make their chart for them rather than asking them to make it themselves. Classic charts are a safe bet here as well, but if you feel you can personalize to your grandparents' preferences even further... you should! We created this chart for my husband's grandmother for Christmas this year (Shhh! Don't tell!) because she likes fuschia and teal (and a lot of her decorating reflects that).

genealogy wall chart for grandma

Siblings: This one goes either way

If your siblings are unmarried, it's easy to fill in their genealogy since it's the same as yours, but if they're married this gets a little trickier since you no longer have access to half of the genealogy you'd like displayed on their chart. Since your siblings are probably comfortable with technology, the process of creating their own Family Tree Print will be enjoyable, and they'll be able to create their own chart that exactly matches their taste preferences. Basically, it comes down to what you know about your siblings to strike the perfect balance between how well you know their preferences, what access you have to their genealogy and whether they'd rather be gifted a project vs. a finished product.

Your children: This one goes either way

If you have married children and grandchildren, this situation looks very similar to siblings described above. If you're looking to create a chart for an unmarried child, you do have access to their genealogy, so could do it for them if you wish!

family tree chart for siblings

Friends, Cousins, Nieces, Nephews, etc.: Probably a gift card

Limited access to their genealogy and possibly hazy knowledge of their exact design preferences makes gift cards the safest bet here!


Ready to get an amazingly unique gift for your family members? Give them a gift card or find the perfect starting template now!

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Unique Gifts For Family: Clever Ways To Make A Family Tree For A Loved One Without Having Their Same Genealogy

Unique Gifts For Family: Clever Ways To Make A Family Tree For A Loved One Without Having Their Same Genealogy

If you're looking to make a genealogy wall chart for your spouse, parents, in-laws, grandparents, or unmarried sibling or children you're in luck--populating their chart with their personal genealogy is effortless using our FamilySearch integration because it's your genealogy too. (This post is not for you, but if you need some more guidance check out this tutorial.

examples of family trees

On the other hand, if you're looking to create a genealogy wall chart for a friend, married sibling, aunt, uncle, cousin, etc.... you're going to have to get creative. The easiest thing to do is to gift them a Family Tree Prints eGift card, so they can create their own genealogy wall chart exactly how they'd like to, but if you've got your heart set on creating their finished family tree for them (either because you know they'll never do it themselves or want to watch the expression of delight on their face when they unwrap the finished product) our recommendation to you is some combination of enlisting someone's help who knows their genealogy and a little old-fashioned password changing. 

Option 1: Easy. Preserves the surprise.

FamilySearch integration (recommended): If they're married, ask their spouse to sync with them in FamilySearch if they haven't already (tutorial on that here) and then give you their FamilySearch credentials--you'll need their username and password. In asking for their credentials, we'd recommend you ask them to change their password to something super generic (like "winter", "cupcake", etc.) for a set period of time (3 days, 1 week) so that you won't also be able to hack their email, bank account and everything else they're probably using the password for! If they aren't married, the same principle applies to asking one of their siblings, or parents for the same thing.

GEDCOM: If they have a GEDCOM of their genealogy, try getting this from a family member. Easy peasy.

Manual Entry: This is the true test of love and devotion (depending on how many generations you're looking to do--4 or 5 isn't too painful... more than that is a little). Ask a family member if they have any documentation of their genealogy (a picture of their own family tree, family group charts, etc.) you could have copies of and then just fill away!

Option 2: Easy. Surprise slightly ruined.

Tell your gift recipient what you're planning, and ask them for either their FamilySearch credentials (use the generic password hack we mentioned above!), a GEDCOM file or documentation you can use to enter the names manually!

Ready to get started? Choose a starting template now!

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