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Cherishing Traditions: Make a Family Tree Come Alive

This past week was my Grandpa Cutler's birthday. I saw multiple social media posts from aunts, uncles, and cousins who were all celebrating his birthday with homemade peppermint ice cream. Although he died in 1979, my dear grandmother celebrated his birthday each year for the 23 years she remained a widow, and 16 years after her passing, her children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and now great-great-grandchildren still carry on the tradition. Since my grandpa died when my dad was only 15, I never had the opportunity to meet him or build any personal memories of him, but because of the stories and traditions left behind, I feel I know him in some small way.


Here at Family Tree Prints, we're all about helping you make a family tree that looks beautiful in your home and is exactly to your taste, but it's not because we love home decor. It's because we've seen the positive impact that remembering your ancestors can have in our own lives, and want to make it easy for the modern family to have this visible reminder of the names that came before them. We can help you make a family tree, but making the names on your family tree come alive is up to you, and one way to do this is by preserving traditions, be they big or as small as having a bowl of peppermint ice cream once a year.

What traditions do you cherish in your home that help you know your ancestors?

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Our Special Birthday Song: A Living Family Tree

Our Special Birthday Song: A Living Family Tree

When each birthday in the Cutler family rolls around, we break out "The Birthday Song". No, not the traditional one you'll get when you ask Alexa to sing "Happy Birthday" (although that rendition has its place in our tradition as well). It's our special Cutler song (which I believe is an old LDS Primary song, but I can't find anything to back that up) that was sung in my dad's house growing up, and was brought with him--and many of his 10 siblings--into their own families. It goes:

Oh somebody's had a birthday,
our little [insert name here] dear!
Dear Father in Heaven bless him/her
throughout the coming year.

Immediately followed by the "normal" happy birthday song:

Happy birthday to you, 
happy birthday to you, 
happy birthday dear [insert name here]
happy birthday to you!

And then by a rousing chorus of:

Many wishes to you,
many wishes to you,
many wishes dear [insert name here],
many wishes to you!
Growing up I may have occasionally been guilty of giving it an eye-roll, but last week when baby F (who is no longer a baby anymore!) had his first birthday... I couldn't give it up. I wanted him to have this same reminder I did of those who came before him, of his rich heritage and that he's part of something bigger. Is our tradition better than anyone else's? Heck, no. But it is OUR tradition, and one I'll cherish. We want to have a family tree on the wall as one reminder of who our ancestors are, but we also want to have a living family tree in our hearts filled with stories, traditions, and memories. While our special birthday song may occasionally give us red cheeks and ears, it also warms our hearts.
Want to create your own wall family tree to help strengthen your living family tree? Get started using our family tree maker here.


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