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Baby Yoda: Why To Start Star Wars Fans Early (Plus Carrie Fisher's 5 Generation Family Tree Chart)

Baby Yoda: Why To Start Star Wars Fans Early (Plus Carrie Fisher's 5 Generation Family Tree Chart)

If you're looking for an example of a family tree, we've got one for you: five generations of Carrie Fisher's family history with a palette inspired by none other than BB8, the cutest little robot ever.

Some of us are bigger Star Wars fans than others in this family, and although many girls love Star Wars, this girl... not so much. It's not for lack of trying... I've watched the best two (supposedly) of the original six movies, as well as the newest two, but I just can't seem to get into it. My Harry Potter fandom is almost manic (and has been growing since age 10), whereas my Star Wars fandom hovers just above lethargy (and started at age 21). (I even walked out of The Force Awakens with 15 minutes to go! Read about that here.) Conclusion? I think maybe I missed the boat by not getting started early enough for Star Wars. After re-watching the two of the original trilogy with me, even Kesler will admit that a lot of the pull is the magic of childhood.

Luckily for him, baby F will not have my same excuse.

baby yoda costume

After seeing a baby a week before Fenton was born as Yoda for Halloween, complete with mini crocheted light-saber, Kesler asked my mom if she'd make F. one. As a surprise for Kesler for Christmas, F. and I did a little nerdy photo shoot (with the help of my mom on props!) and a potential fan was born. Of course... we also included some Harry Potter props so he's started plenty early there as well.

harry potter fandom

Which of your pet obsessions do you hope your children will remember and follow in your footsteps?


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I Left The Force Awakens With 15 Minutes To Go: Here's Why (Plus a 5 Generation Family Tree for Carrie Fisher)

I Left The Force Awakens With 15 Minutes To Go: Here's Why (Plus a 5 Generation Family Tree for Carrie Fisher)

We love making examples of family trees, both because it's incredibly fun to experiment with different shapes and palettes and to share with you some of the cool things you can do with Family Tree Prints family tree maker. Thus we present to you.... Carrie Fisher's 5 generation family tree chart. If you don't know who Carrie Fisher is... she's most famous for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars. Now for the story you've all been waiting for: why I couldn't stay in The Force Awakens for one more minute. 

We had all gone to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens over Christmas break two years ago. Some of us were big fans, some of us were just going for the popcorn and movie theater experience (heresy, I know!) but we all packed up and went to the theater late in the afternoon. We waited in the freezing cold line for an hour outside for the doors to open (even though the movie had been out for a couple weeks) so we could purchase our tickets and then snagged an entire row of seats. We waited in anticipation for the movie to start. Everyone, that is, except for my mom. She was at home, eagerly anticipating something else--my little sister arriving home from her year and a half mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The timing should have worked out perfectly so the rest of us could watch the movie and then head over to the airport to pick Sadie up, but my mom didn't want to risk being late.

Then, with just 15 minutes left to go in the movie (as we learned later), otherwise known as the climax my dad got a text from my mom that Sadie's flight was coming in early. The message passed down the row that we had to skedaddle and leave NOW so up popped 6 of us and walked straight on out of the theater. People must have thought we were bonkers, but off we went to see our darling sister we hadn't seen in 18 months!

waiting at the airport

seeing our LDS missionary

As it turned out, the flight didn't end up being early--just on time--but the entire experience, full of laughter and rushing and a little stress, was totally worth having to finish the movie later when it came out on DVD for the story it gave us that we can tell with laughter and fond memories whenever The Force Awakens is brought up. Stories... the meat on the bones of a family tree print!

As we get ready for the release of the newest movie, what's your favorite Star Wars memory?


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