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All About the Roots

All About the Roots

Whenever we talk about genealogy or family history, the word "roots" comes up often. We talk about "getting back to our roots," "remembering our roots," and "honoring our roots." We even use "family trees," and we all know that trees have roots. But today, we are going to talk about the word "roots" in a different context: root words; of some commonly used phrases related to genealogy and family history.

The word genealogy comes from the two Greek words genea and logia. Genea means "race" or "family" and logia means "theory" or "study."The closest translation comes out to "to trace ancestry." The word pedigree has Latin roots, coming from the words pes, meaning "foot," and grus, meaning "crane." Kinda weird, right? This is because, in early western European genealogies, a sign resembling a crane's foot was used to indicate lines of descent. As we know, English is a "younger" language, and almost every word is a variation or combination of words from other, more ancient languages. 

Root words help us figure out the origin and meaning of the language we use today. In the same way, knowing our "roots" help us figure out our origins and our purpose. We all come from somewhere, and we all mean something; because of our strong roots, we can become great trees (figuratively). Metaphors are nice, but personally, I like things I can see and hold. At you can create, customize, and download a Family Tree Print that fits your needs, and your style.  So go check it out, and remember, a tree is only as strong as its roots.

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