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The Perfect Family Tree Gift for Parents in 10 Minutes

The Perfect Family Tree Gift for Parents in 10 Minutes

Sometimes parents are hard to buy for. They often have the means to take care of all of their "needs" by themselves, so it often comes down to a great gift being thoughtful and something they might not know about or think to buy themselves. If you're looking for something super thoughtful that's personal and easy to execute look no further than Family Tree Prints: the perfect family tree gift for parents. The best part? If you're super speedy you can have a fully custom gift created in less than 10 minutes (although we'll bet you're having so much fun you'll want to spend a few extra minutes!) Ready to get started?

First, take a minute to think about where it's likely the chart will go? On a large wall, in an office, on a personal dresser? Then choose a starting template that matches the scale and decor you're looking for! When in doubt, especially for parents, go with a classic black on white, or white on black--classy but with a little modern kick!

example of family tree

After choosing the perfect template for your family tree gift for your parents, you'll want to import your genealogy (most likely from FamilySearch, but you can also import from GEDCOM or enter the names manually if you so desire. Since your parents are part of your genealogy, just choose yourself to be the center of the chart as you import, and then you can modify the text of the center to include your other siblings as well, or remove it entirely. Here's a little tutorial if you need some extra guidance there.

example of black family tree

Make sure none of the names are cut off, that they're a good size and will be readable the size you're hoping to print (the smaller you're planning to print, the bigger the fonts need to be!) and then order your chart and print it wherever you like! We have some recommendations for you here, but the world is your oyster. And there you have it, a gorgeous, custom genealogy chart that's the perfect gift for parents!

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How To Make a Family Tree That's The Perfect Family Tree Gift For Parents

How To Make a Family Tree That's The Perfect Family Tree Gift For Parents

If you've decided to gift your parents the thoughtful and incredibly personal gift that is a custom family tree, here are just a few pointers on how to personalize the center of the chart to change it from YOUR family tree to YOUR PARENTS family tree. Your choice of which of these to implement will be highly dependent on which template you've chosen as well as your family's personal style, but we guarantee there's an option here that will make this perfect family tree gift for your parents picture perfect. 

Note: These options are based on the assumption that you've just imported your personal genealogy from FamilySearch by choosing yourself as the center of the chart, but are adaptable to other situations as well. For instructions of how to import your data for your parents family tree via FamilySearch read this post.

For each of the below options, you'll want to start by first removing your name from the center of the family tree. You can do this from the main "Chart" tab in the left sidebar panel. Simply select your name in the "Name:" field and delete!

Option 1: Change the cell color to remove the center.

remove center for perfect family tree gift for parents

This is our personal favorite way to adapt a chart for parents--classy, classic, easy and clean! To do this simply:

1. Click the "Advanced" tab in the left sidebar of the family tree maker.

2. Click the "Color" tab within the "Advanced" settings.

3. Make sure "Individual" is selected from the "Color Mode" drop-down.

4. Click on the center circle in your actual chart.

5. Click on the "Background Color" color swatch, and drag the color picker to white.

Option 2: Add all your siblings'/your parents' childrens' names to the center.

There are a couple different ways you can do this depending on how many siblings you have, and how much of each of their names you hope to include. 

If you just want to include your siblings' first names, just enter them in the "Name:" field of the main "Chart" tab in order separated by spaces. This will put each name on it's own line.

siblings name in the center of genealogy wall chartIf you'd like to include multiple names per sibling (first and middle, full name, etc.) you'll still enter them in order, separated by spaces in the "Name:" field of the main "Chart" tab, but you'll want to put a ~ instead of a space in between the portions of the name you'd like to stay on the same line. For example, if I'd like the names listed as:

George Will
Fred Bennett
Mary Jane

I would write:

George~Will Fred~Bennett Mary~Jane in the name field.

siblings as part of perfect family tree gift for parents

If this isn't working for you the way it's described above, you may need to change how information is displayed in the center cell. To do this, choose "Advanced" > "Generation" > Select "1st Generation" from the "Generation" drop-down > Select "Horizontal Multiline" from the "Information Displayed" drop-down.

Option 3: Add a special character to the center.

how to make a family tree for parents with &Much the same as adding your siblings' names to the center of the circle, you'll just enter the special character (such as & or +) in the "Name:" field on the main "Chart" tab of the family tree maker. A capital letter (such as the first letter of your parents' last name also works well.)

how to make a family tree for parents with center initial

With just a single character, you'll probably want to increase the font size. To do this:

1. Click the "Advanced" tab in the left sidebar of the family tree maker.

2. Click the "Generations" tab within the "Advanced" settings.

3. Make sure "1st Generation" is selected from the "Generations" drop-down.

4. Drag the "Font Size" slider to the desired font size.

Option 4: Change the chart shape to hide the center.

Some chart shape templates are pre-built to hide the 1st generation altogether: 360 Horizontal circle, Half Circle fan and Half Circle Inverted fan.

shape to hide first generation of genealogy wall chart

change shape to hide 1st generation of genealogy wall chart

To change the shape:

1. Click the "Advanced" tab in the left sidebar of the family tree maker.

2. Click the "Shape" tab within the "Advanced" settings.

3. Scroll through the list and click on the desired shape.


Still have lingering questions about the best way to create the perfect family tree gift for your parents? Shoot us an email at and we'd be happy to help!


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Honouring Our Fathers and Mothers Throughout The Year

Honouring Our Fathers and Mothers Throughout The Year

The majority of the Christian world will be familiar with the fifth commandment given to Moses on the top of Mount Sinai: 

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee. (Exodus 20:12)

In pondering the subject of honoring our parents as prompted by its inclusion as part of the LDS Church's #LightTheWorld campaign, I had the privilege to read this talk given by Dallin H. Oaks in the April 1991 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Of this commandment, he writes:

"The commandment to honor our parents has strands that run through the entire fabric of the gospel. It is inherent in our relationship to God our Father. It embraces the divine destiny of the children of God. This commandment relates to the government of the family, which is patterned after the government of heaven.
The commandment to honor our parents echoes the sacred spirit of family relationships in which—at their best—we have sublime expressions of heavenly love and care for one another. We sense the importance of these relationships when we realize that our greatest expressions of joy or pain in mortality come from the members of our families.
Other manifestations of this commandment include the bearing and care of children, the preparation of family histories, and efforts to see that the ordinances of eternity are performed for our departed ancestors."
He then goes on to talk about some of the ways that each of us can honor our parents. Although many of these can be applied to each of us at any age  some suggestions he gives for children and youth are obedience, respect, and emulation; for the middle-aged, caring for parents when required; for those whose parents have passed on family reunions, family history and honoring causes for which your parents spent their strength.
perfect family tree gift for grandparents
I will be eternally grateful for parents who continue to teach me good principles, mentor me, love me and whose example I wish to emulate. When I had the opportunity to become a mother myself just over a year ago, the reality of what my parents have done for me thus far was made that much more apparent to me--I was that much more grateful. I believe that this is a pattern that will continue. The more I come to know of the world and of life, the more I will appreciate my parents and seek to honor them.
honor thy mother
As part of the #LightTheWorld campaign, there are a few suggestions for how to honor your parents today:

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