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The Perfect Family Tree Gift for Parents in 10 Minutes

The Perfect Family Tree Gift for Parents in 10 Minutes

Sometimes parents are hard to buy for. They often have the means to take care of all of their "needs" by themselves, so it often comes down to a great gift being thoughtful and something they might not know about or think to buy themselves. If you're looking for something super thoughtful that's personal and easy to execute look no further than Family Tree Prints: the perfect family tree gift for parents. The best part? If you're super speedy you can have a fully custom gift created in less than 10 minutes (although we'll bet you're having so much fun you'll want to spend a few extra minutes!) Ready to get started?

First, take a minute to think about where it's likely the chart will go? On a large wall, in an office, on a personal dresser? Then choose a starting template that matches the scale and decor you're looking for! When in doubt, especially for parents, go with a classic black on white, or white on black--classy but with a little modern kick!

example of family tree

After choosing the perfect template for your family tree gift for your parents, you'll want to import your genealogy (most likely from FamilySearch, but you can also import from GEDCOM or enter the names manually if you so desire. Since your parents are part of your genealogy, just choose yourself to be the center of the chart as you import, and then you can modify the text of the center to include your other siblings as well, or remove it entirely. Here's a little tutorial if you need some extra guidance there.

example of black family tree

Make sure none of the names are cut off, that they're a good size and will be readable the size you're hoping to print (the smaller you're planning to print, the bigger the fonts need to be!) and then order your chart and print it wherever you like! We have some recommendations for you here, but the world is your oyster. And there you have it, a gorgeous, custom genealogy chart that's the perfect gift for parents!

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That Wasn't Me, I Was Framed!

That Wasn't Me, I Was Framed!

Just like how what you wear affects how you look, how you frame a Family Tree Print is an important part of its presentation. Finding a good frame is hard.  If you want something plain you can just go to Michael's or Ikea, but if you want something unique it will cost you time and money. In an effort to save you both, we at Family Tree Prints have looked around to find some of the best frames at each price point; take a look!


Good - Vintage Gold Picture Frame $21.68 USD

Better - Fractal Burn Picture Frame $36.15 USD

Best - Chic Black Picture Frame $67.14 USD


Good - Black Contemporary Frame $24.26 USD

Better - Solid Wood Country Brown Picture Frame $37.18 USD

Best - Modern Stainless Silver Picture Frame $70.23 USD


Good - Wood Grain Picture Frame $36.74 USD

Better - Barnwood Ornate Rustic Off-White Picture Frame $48.78 USD

Best - Floating Acrylic Frame $74.95 USD

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Fun Family Gifts Gift Guide: 5 Gifts For Kids

Fun Family Gifts Gift Guide: 5 Gifts For Kids

With the holiday season approaching, we find ourselves in a rush to find the perfect gifts for our loved ones. Busy with the tasks of everyday life, it is hard to find the time to look for gifts for others, and in an increasingly commercialized world, we find ourselves overwhelmed with the volume of choices. We at Family Tree Prints wanted to make things easier for you, so we are creating a series of gift guides to help you get unique and tasteful gifts for all the special people in your life.

1) Themed Family Tree Print

These colorful and fun prints are the perfect addition to a kid's bedroom. With seven different animal themes to choose from, you'll be sure to find something just right for your child.

2) Bookroo Subscription

Bookroo is a children's book subscription service that sends a box of individually wrapped board or picture books. The gift of knowledge is one of the greatest gifts of all, and Bookroo's aim is to bring even more fun to reading.

3) Boogie Board Magic Sketch

Similar to the Etch-A-Sketch of our childhood, the Boogie Board Magic Sketch allows endless hours of drawing fun, and when the screen fills up it can be erased with the touch of a button. It is the perfect gift for the little artist in your life.

4) Vandora Mini Drone

Drones are all the rage these days, but some of them are expensive. This mini-drone by Vandora is inexpensive, small, and easy to use, and it is sure to keep those kids smiling. 

5) Lego Space Shuttle Explorer

With the release of Hidden Figures, space is at the front of our minds; Legos are cool, and space is even cooler. Lego also has a line of Star Wars products, for those of you who are interested in galaxies farther away.

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Unique Gifts For Family: The Family Tree eGift Card

Unique Gifts For Family: The Family Tree eGift Card

'Tis the season for remembering and recognizing those we love through thoughtful gift giving, which means you're probably on the hunt for unique gifts for family members! Regardless of who you have on your gift-giving list this year (parents, grandparents, children, nieces, nephews, siblings, cousins, etc.) a Family Tree Prints eGift card is a great choice! Want to learn a little more about it?

How does it work?

It's easy! You choose the number of generations you'd like to gift (4-5, 6-7, or 8-9), and then we send you an electronic gift card via email within 24 hours--normally faster! The balance of the gift card acts as a dollar amount, so your gift recipient can choose to upgrade to a larger chart if they'd like to and just pay the difference.

What form does it come in?

Our Family Tree Prints eGift card is a PDF. Here's an example of what it looks like (with your recipient's own unique code of course)! You can either print the PDF for a physical, wrappable gift or forward it on electronically to your gift recipient!

What occasions is a Family Tree Prints gift card suitable for?

Well, we're glad you asked! Pretty much, you name it, and it's a great occasion for a thoughtful and personal gift like a Family Tree Prints gift card. Christmas, Hannukah, birthdays, baptisms, births, weddings, funerals and anniversaries are a few of our favorites.

When would you recommend a gift card over an actual chart I've created for my family member?

The short answer is it all depends on how much time you're interested to spend, what kind of access you have to this particular family member's genealogy, and how confident you are with their taste preferences. We've done a little break-down of our recommendations for gift card vs. pre-made chart for a variety of relationships over here.

Can I use a discount code for the purchase of a gift card?

Yes, yes you may!

Do gift cards expire or lose value over time?

No, they do not :)


Ready to get the perfect unique gift for family members this year? Grab your gift cards here.



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Unique Gifts For Family: Gift Card vs. Pre-Personalized Family Tree

Unique Gifts For Family: Gift Card vs. Pre-Personalized Family Tree

If you've already realized that a Family Tree Print is the perfect unique gift for a family member but you're not sure whether you should simply give them a gift card or create their family tree for them, this post is for you. The main things you should consider in fine-tuning our unique gifts for your family are:

1) What access do you have to their genealogy?
2) How well do you know their design preferences?
3) How much time do you have/want to spend?
4) How technologically savvy are they?

Access: If you have easy access to a family member's (or friend's!) genealogy, this makes creating a genealogy wall chart for them that much easier. If you don't have access to their genealogy easily but really have your heart set on creating their chart for them (either because you know if you gift them a project it will never get done, or you REALLY want them to have the finished project to unwrap for that WOW! factor) we have some recommendations for you here. Import from FamilySearch or GEDCOM are always easiest (remember that you can choose anyone you'd like to be the center of your chart using their FamilySearch ID!) but manual entry is also an option.
Design Preferences: If you know what they love, so much the better (and even if you gift a gift card you can make a recommendation for which templates made you think of them!) If you're a little stuck but still want to gift a finished chart, we'd recommend keeping it classy and classy. Our most popular templates by far are:

Time: It can take as few as 3 minutes to create a chart, but if you have to do manual entry, are indecisive or have some fine-tuning to do it will take you a little longer. (Personally, I typically spend between 15-30 minutes on a chart after all the names are imported fixing names, and playing with color and font to perfectly personalize a chart.) Gift cards take no active time at all :)

Technology savvy: If "online" is a scary place for your gift recipient, we'd recommend making their chart for them--simple as that!

Here's a little break-down of our recommendations of gift card vs. pre-made family tree by relationship.
Spouse: Create their chart for them
Presumably, you have access to their genealogy. If you haven't already synced with them in FamilySearch, do it, and then you'll have all the access you need--tutorial on that here. (The process takes less than 10 minutes, but you will likely need your spouse's FamilySearch login credentials unless you can get the ancestry information from your in-laws to get you to their first decease ancestor on each line.) You also should have a good idea of what design style would work well with your home's decor. 

Parents: Create their chart for them

Your parents' genealogy is part of your genealogy, so it's really easy to fill in their chart using your own FamilySearch integration (or manually using what you already know). As long as you feel that you're comfortable choosing a chart template you think your parents would like (when in doubt go with a classic like White Simplicity!), go ahead and create your parents' chart for them rather than giving a gift card! 

Grandparents: Create their chart for them

Your grandparents' genealogy is also part of your genealogy, so again, it's easy to fill in their chart automatically using your own FamilySearch integration. Many grandparents feel less comfortable with technology, so this is another great reason to make their chart for them rather than asking them to make it themselves. Classic charts are a safe bet here as well, but if you feel you can personalize to your grandparents' preferences even further... you should! We created this chart for my husband's grandmother for Christmas this year (Shhh! Don't tell!) because she likes fuschia and teal (and a lot of her decorating reflects that).

genealogy wall chart for grandma

Siblings: This one goes either way

If your siblings are unmarried, it's easy to fill in their genealogy since it's the same as yours, but if they're married this gets a little trickier since you no longer have access to half of the genealogy you'd like displayed on their chart. Since your siblings are probably comfortable with technology, the process of creating their own Family Tree Print will be enjoyable, and they'll be able to create their own chart that exactly matches their taste preferences. Basically, it comes down to what you know about your siblings to strike the perfect balance between how well you know their preferences, what access you have to their genealogy and whether they'd rather be gifted a project vs. a finished product.

Your children: This one goes either way

If you have married children and grandchildren, this situation looks very similar to siblings described above. If you're looking to create a chart for an unmarried child, you do have access to their genealogy, so could do it for them if you wish!

family tree chart for siblings

Friends, Cousins, Nieces, Nephews, etc.: Probably a gift card

Limited access to their genealogy and possibly hazy knowledge of their exact design preferences makes gift cards the safest bet here!


Ready to get an amazingly unique gift for your family members? Give them a gift card or find the perfect starting template now!

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4 "Welcome To The Family" Gifts To Get You Started on the Right Foot


"Welcome to the family!" It's a noble sentiment, often said with brimming joy as we welcome new members into the family, either by birth or by marriage. In either scenario, it's an emotional time, and gifts are customary, so here are four gifts that are as perfect as they are unique for baby (and mom!)

Your personal favorite baby gift... with a gift receipt

Some of the most thoughtful gifts we received when we had baby F were versions of gifts the gifter's themselves had received and appreciated. One family brought us a case of Vitamin Water to help me (mom) stay hydrated during the near constant breast-feeding. Another gifted us a nursing cover that she'd come to love after having 3 kids of her own. If you're going to go for your favorite big-ticket item, however, definitely give the parents a gift receipt so that they can make adjustments as needed--even if they return it, they'll appreciate your generosity and thoughtfulness while being able to get exactly what they need.

Along that same thread... healthy treats for mom

When we had baby F, one of our sweet friends who doesn't yet have children did some research about the best foods for post-partum and nursing moms to, and brought over a spread of blueberries, salmon, avocados, yogurt, etc. Thoughtful, delicious, and oh-so-appreciated.

welcome to the family gift for mom

Children's Books

Books are the gift that keeps on giving and since reading is so important to a child's early development, you'll be doing the parents a major favor by helping to build their library. You can choose favorite books from your childhood or that you've read to your children, or consider having someone else do the work for you! Bookroo is our favorite children's book subscription--they focus on sending hidden gems rather than classics that parents can easily identify themselves (like Goodnight Moon!) and each book is individually wrapped so you don't even have to worry about the gift wrapping!

books as a gift for welcoming baby

A Family Tree

We've talked before about the research that shows that children who are aware of their family history are better prepared to deal with the stresses and difficulties of life. They realize that they're a part of something bigger and have real-life examples to draw on when times get tough. Why not help get them started right from the get go? With these sweet babes and darling kiddos in mind, here at Family Tree Prints we've created family trees especially for kids that are perfect for the modern nursery.

family tree templates for children


As a major bonus, you don't have to stick to our color schemes. Personalize each adorable animal shape of these family tree templates for kids to fit the home and family it's going to.

customize family tree templates for kids

What's your favorite way to say "Welcome to the Family" for newborns?

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3 Unique Gifts for Family: Dad Edition

3 Unique Gifts for Family: Dad Edition

When I search online for gift ideas for dad (for either my own father or my husband) there are a LOT of gifts relating to alcohol or golf... custom beer steins, fancy rocks for keeping whiskey cold and oh so much golf memorabilia. You get the idea. But what if your dad doesn't drink... and doesn't LOVE golf (even if he plays it)?! Here are three unique gift ideas for YOUR dad.

A Custom Family Tree Print

Honor your father by showing your appreciation for your heritage and his with a genealogy chart that is both dignified, masculine and modern, for display in the living room, bedroom or even his man cave (if he has one!) It only takes a few minutes to create a print-ready custom chart once you choose a template (although you may find yourself wanting to spend more time since you're having so much fun!), so even if you're a college student during finals week you'll be able to pull this "handmade" gift off with ease!

Want a peek at some of our most masculine templates? Ready to choose your own template and get started?

Uncommon Goods

You will have to sort through the custom beer steins to find the true gems, but I promise they're there. In the last year my dad's been gifted this incredibly cool pistachio tray (he LOVES pistachios!) by my younger brother and this fantastically chic eye-glass holder for his reading glasses by Kesler and I. Disclaimer: You may want to include a note explaining what the eye-glass holder is if you're not there to give it in person, otherwise it looks like you're just giving a ginormous statue of a wooden nose. Visit Uncommon Goods here.

pistachio tray

Image credit:

Your Own Book

Don't panic at this suggestion--really. Over the summer one of my brother-in-laws brought a book he'd self-published (just one copy I believe) as the culmination of a personal project he'd been working on. It was so cool to watch the finished book be passed around. A couple different sites make this pretty easy to do--he used but you can also check out as well! What kind of book should you create? The world's your oyster! Some ideas include a collection of inspiring quotes from his favorite role models, a collection of your own memories of you dad throughout your childhood or recently, or an appendix type book containing images or text from articles he's been cited in. Along the same vein, if your dad is getting ready to write his own personal history, consider a coupon (ahh, the fabled coupon!) to help him type up his journals as a starting point if he'd like.


What is your favorite gift you've ever given your dad?


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3 Unique Gifts for Family: Mom Edition

3 Unique Gifts for Family: Mom Edition

As moms, we have a reputation for being a little sentimental. I used to think being sentimental was embarrassing (please stop crying!) but now I realize it's often just a manifestation of a heart that's been softened and is overflowing with love and that there's nothing more beautiful. If you're looking for a unique gift for a family member, and more specifically for a mother, here are three custom gifts we've given this year that have been well received and greatly appreciated by our own mothers.

1. A custom watercolor portrait

My art skills never reached the height I imagined they would when I was a budding eight-year-old artist, so I'm glad that others have been blessed with wonderful artistic talents. For my mom's birthday this year we had Heather from Heather Smith Creates paint her this adorable custom portrait of baby F (first grand baby!). It was so cute, we got one for our home too! We love that F's personality shines through and that it's a custom piece of artwork that didn't break the bank and is different that a standard photograph.

unique gifts for mom watercolor portrait

2. A custom sign

Growing up, my parents placed a lot of emphasis on making our home a place where we could gather, both as a family and with friends who were invited into our home for delicious food, great conversations and good times. When I saw this gorgeous sign by TaylorLaneCo it immediately made me think of my mom... so score! Mother's Day gift purchased! I loved being able to give my mom something that had meaning for both of us that I didn't have to make myself!

unique gift for mom custom sign

There are lots of fantastic Etsy vendors and others creating custom signs but we love TaylorLaneCo, a sweet husband and wife team creating gorgeous custom signs and artwork--as a major bonus we get to be friends with these guys in real life too!

custom sign gift for mom

3. A custom genealogy wall chart

What could be more unique than a personal genealogy wall chart created to perfectly match your mom's style and taste? As a major bonus, since your mom is part of your genealogy, you can use your own FamilySearch import to create your mom's chart in a matter of minutes--just select her to be the center of your chart and voila! My mother-in-law was the lucky recipient of this gift this year--my mom had created one by hand for our family years ago that was a big part of the impetus for our building our family tree maker app and we wanted to give Kesler's mom a similarly gorgeous chart to serve as a reminder of their family's wonderful heritage. Start making your mom's family tree here.

custom genealogy wall chart


Can't decide which idea you like best? Well... combining all three will give mom a fully custom wall ;)

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4 Reasons a Personalized Pedigree Chart is the Perfect Present For Mom

4 Reasons a Personalized Pedigree Chart is the Perfect Present For Mom

Why is a personalized pedigree chart the perfect present to gift your mom? Well, the short answer is it's fast and almost effortless, while at the same time being incredibly personal and meaningful. Folks, it doesn't get much better than that.


Fast: Looks like it took you 100+ hours... actually took you 5 minutes.

We founded Family Tree Prints in large part because of our search for a gift for one of our mothers. It was our year to be in charge of the group sibling Christmas gifts for my mother- and father-in-law. My own mother has an absolutely gorgeous hand-lettered pedigree chart hanging in her living room that has been a conversation starter and statement piece for years and we knew that my mother-in-law would appreciate having a similar chart in her own home, particularly with her interest in family history. So we got to work with a template purchased from Etsy and 100+ hours later of formatting each entry individually in Photoshop we realized there had to be a better way. Now, using Family Tree Prints FamilySearch or GEDCOM import you can pull up to 10 generations of genealogy in just a couple minutes. Like, less than 3. That's crazy fast. Since there are lots of different styles of gorgeous family tree templates to choose from, if you don't want to, you don't have to do any extra design choices. Voila. You can watch me create a full chart here in under three minutes.


Effortless: Put in exactly as much effort as you want... no tedium required.

Those 100+ hours of work we mentioned above? Tedious. (But don't worry mom, totally worth it!) The Family Tree Prints process of creating a pedigree chart? Not so much. Once your names are imported in a snap you can play around with font, colors, add a custom text decal... but the operative word is play.


Personal: Gorgeous wall art with all your ancestors names on it.

In the gift industry, "personalizing" something often means adding someone's name in a permanent way to a given item. A family tree chart has your name but also the name of every single known ancestor. That's pretty personalized. Using our family tree maker, you can also customize the template you choose (fonts, colors, shape, etc.) to best match your mom's signature style.


Meaningful: Unspoken truths expressed

One of the definitions of meaningful is "communicating something that is not directly expressed". At the risk of being sappy, in our experience a family tree chart says more than just the names of your ancestors. It can tell your mom that you appreciate your heritage. That you value your family. That you cherish her sacrifices for you, and those who came before her. That her love for you will never be forgotten and your love for her will last forever. It can say a lot of things. And every time she looks at it, she can be reminded to be grateful for those who came before her, of your love for her, and that family is forever.


Among our friend group of young moms the expression "Moms are the best!" comes into conversation a lot. We're not talking about ourselves as moms, but rather how incredibly helpful, selfless and wise our own mothers are in the love, care and advice they give us, their grown children. If you're looking something personal and meaningful to give your mom, and don't have 100s of hours to spend on it, we submit that a personalized pedigree chart is absolutely the way to go. Plus, since our product is a high resolution JPG, you can customize further by printing wherever you'd like--view printing recommendations here. Happy gifting!





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