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Real Customer Question: Do you somehow transfer the info of the family tree that has already been done to your prints or do you type in the names?

Real Customer Question: Do you somehow transfer the info of the family tree that has already been done to your prints or do you type in the names?

We figure if one person has a question, others probably do too, and we want to help you know how to make a family tree, exactly how you'd like! Today's real customer question is:

Q: "Do you somehow transfer the info of the family tree that has already been done to your prints or do you type in the names?"

A: The short answer is Yes.

If you have a FamilySearch account and your genealogy is stored there, you can use our FamilySearch import function to pull in up to 10 generations of genealogy within a couple of minutes. As a note, this will pull in your information EXACTLY as it is in FamilySearch (typos and multiple name options and all!) so you'll want to do a quick spot check to make sure everything is as you'd like it to be displayed in your final printed chart. We have yet to see a chart that didn't need at least one quick manual fix.

Note: The most common manual fix you'll need it making a long name fit. Here are some tips to fix it!

If you don't have a FamilySearch account, but you do have a GEDCOM file, you can also use that to create your family tree print without having to type each and every name by using our GEDCOM import function. Again, you'll probably still need to do a few manual fixes!

It's also an option to type the names in yourself (we call this "Manual Entry"), and as long as you have all the information gathered beforehand, it's not too slow. A five generation chart takes us about half an hour to enter all in manually (including dates!) and then goes up from there.


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We All Have A Name

We All Have A Name

You probably have a name, don’t you? I bet you do. Names are how we as people are identified. Usually we have at least two names: a first name and a last name. We use our first name to introduce ourselves, identify our order at Starbucks, and to give our Mom something to yell to specify which kid she is angry at. We also have a last name, there is something different about that.

That name has been used by people for hundreds of years. That name means something. That name has a story. Maybe it tells you what country our ancestors came from, or what their occupations were. And every day you go out in the world, you shoulder the legacy of your ancestors, and you add your part to that legacy yourself.

Now that sounds like a big responsibility doesn’t is? Well, it is. But I know you can handle it. You know why? Because every single one of your ancestors did it. When you are having struggles, and you think you just can’t make it, you can receive strength from those who came before you. Doubtless, one of your ancestors had struggles like yours. Maybe they had a hard time in college, or maybe it took them a long time to find a spouse, or maybe they spent their whole life working hard and just couldn’t get ahead. But look, they somehow got things figured out. And you can too.

Take pride in your name, represent it well. Learn where you came from, and let it determine who you can become. Maybe your ancestors were awesome, follow their example and be awesome. Maybe your ancestors were kind of lame, be better. Each new generation is a thread in the tapestry of history; each thread is individually important, but when put all together they make a beautiful work of art.

Great metaphor right? I thought so. Fortune cookie metaphors aside, the good news is that you can have that work of art today. At this moment, we aren’t making tapestries, but we do make prints, which is the next best thing. So check out today to customize, create, and order your very own Family Tree Print; so that you can know where you came from, and have the motivation to get where you need to go.

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