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Family Tree Template Feature: Frosted Diamond Circle

Family Tree Template Feature: Frosted Diamond Circle

Today's featured family tree template is our Frosted Diamond Circle. Ba-bling, ba-bling! The distinct, individually colored cells make this chart look faceted and may elicit fond memories of a precious family heirloom or your own beautiful diamond ring. And remember--a diamond is forever, just like your family. 

white and grey family tree template

Alright, enough with the sappy analogies. Our true reason for featuring this template is that it's one of our more popular family tree templates and it's easy to see why.

Why we LOVE this template (and you should too):

It's classy and subdued with pale creams, greys and white, but the alternating colors on each generation give it an interest level that's a step above your classic white chart. Plus, whenever you change from a fan family tree to a circle family tree it gives you an extra dose of modern. The warm hint of pink in the creams balances the coolness of the greys and keeps it from looking plain old grayscale.  Love, love, love.

A word to the wise. We've printed this chart at an actual printer as well as ourselves on a color printer, and printing it ourselves on a color printer, the finished product lost a lot of the cream and looked more subdued and mostly grey-scale, so PRINTING MATTERS!

Ready to get started? If this is the family tree template for you, start from our template here. If you're looking for something a little different, check out our other family tree template options here.

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Family Tree Template Feature: White Simplicity Fan Family Tree

Family Tree Template Feature: White Simplicity Fan Family Tree

This family tree template is one of our most popular templates, earning itself this special feature. Meet White Simplicity--the classic white fan without dividing lines. In preparing for Rootstech, we wanted to create and print off a 24" x 36" template for Kesler's grandpa and realized that this would be the perfect template for him: classic, highly readable, and could go in any room of the house since white matches everything. 

Why we LOVE this family tree template:

A white fan chart is the epitome of classic, but without the proper details it can look (let's face it) boring. Removing the lines in this family tree template modernizes the classic design, giving it an air of the clean minimalism currently in vogue. Our favorite detail to add to this family tree template is a text decal--it really brings it all together!

Want to see a real-life chart? Gorgeous, right?

white family tree template

Ready to get started? Start from this white simplicity family tree template or check out all of our other family tree templates and choose a different one!

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Family Tree Template Feature: Black Circle

Family Tree Template Feature: Black Circle

We call this our Clean Blackboard template and it's one of the most popular family tree templates on our site as well as a personal favorite. We have it hanging in our living room over the piano along with our wedding picture and a name plaque and it's an amazing conversation piece (that fits seamlessly with the decor). Win.

black family tree template

We also have a Clean Blackboard fan family tree template, and while it's popular as well, the circle version definitely wins the popularity contest hands down.

Why we LOVE this template (and you should too):

Whether your style is modern or supremely classic, black and white is a classic and classic combination that goes with pretty much anything color-wise, which is particularly handy if your style is still evolving. Plus, for the young or young-at-heart crowd, this chart is definitely on the modern side of classy. As a side note, having done a significant amount of frame shopping in my day, finding a black frame is SUPER easy, which is a bonus if you're looking to find a pre-made frame that matches your chart and decor perfectly.

Want to take a look at some real-life family trees created from this family tree template?

 black family tree

Here's a family tree created by @ldsfamilyhistory.

Ready to get started? Start from our black circle family tree template or choose another starting template! Need a little help on where to go from there? Check out this "how to" post.

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Family Tree Template Feature: Golden Bands Family Tree

Family Tree Template Feature: Golden Bands Family Tree

In getting ready for Rootstech 2018, we wanted to create a chart Kesler's grandma that we could use in our display that would be both sophisticated, and show off some of the fun functionality of our online family tree maker. When we picked it up from the printers and unrolled this 24" x 36" beauty, we fell in love and knew we had to make it into a pre-made template so that you all could enjoy it as well. Introducing... our Golden Bands family tree template! 

golden bands circle family tree template

To create your own custom family tree using this family tree template, you'll want to either start from this Golden Bands fan chart family tree template or this Golden Bands circle family tree template. Alternatively, if you've already started creating your chart in our family tree maker app, you can change to this gold banded color palette by choosing Advanced > Palette and then scrolling down to where you can see a preview of this gold banded chart and clicking on the preview (it's near the bottom!)

family tree template


Who is this template good for? Well really anyone, but specifically people who are looking for a family tree chart that's extremely classy (and even classic) that has just a little pop of modern sophistication. The gold banded color scheme looks absolutely gorgeous in a wooden frame, so if you have a lot of warm tones in your decorating space, this a great choice! 

Ready to get started? Start with the circle or fan golden banded family tree template, or choose one of our other templates to get you started! Need some instructions on how to proceed from there? Check out this "How To" post!

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Family Tree Charts for Kids

Family Tree Charts for Kids

Family history for kids? Decorating a nursery with genealogy charts? Our collection for kids (or kids at heart!) featuring minimalist animal designs are designed to both add aesthetically to a child’s space and help them feel more connected to their ancestors.

For the little hipster...

finding fox family tree template

If your baby can already tell you what does the fox say, this chart is perfect for them! Our baby F loves to sniff his nose whenever he sees a picture of a fox... not what Ylvis think's the fox says but oh so cute!

For the budding marine biologist....

Most kids love water, so they're chose of water animals is sure to be a hit when searching for family tree charts for kids! Plus, did you know that once you pick an animal shape you can customize the color palette? It's totally rad!

family trees templates for kids

For jungle explorers...

This "Tracing Toucan" template for kids is really cool regardless of how old you are! Fun fact: Each of our family tree charts for kids is named using alliteration and a way that children (and each of us!) can connect with our family history.

For mini farmers...

This is the cleanest, nicest smelling pig ever and one you'll be happy to allow into the house! For fan's of Charlotte's Web, the color pink, or farmyard elegance, this one is right up your alley.

For beginning entomologists...

While this chart for kids may look like a ladybug, with a little color palette variation it can also easily become a beetle of any variety. Score!

Which family tree chart template for kids (and kids at heart!) would you like hanging in your home? Get started here.

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A Harry Potter Example of a Family Tree and What It Taught Me

A Harry Potter Example of a Family Tree and What It Taught Me

harry potter family tree

I am a Potterhead, a term defined by Urban Dictionary as "amazingly cool people who are obsessed with Harry Potter." This means that when casting about for a fictitious family tree chart to make Harry Potter immediately came to mind.

Some parts of James, Albus and Lily's family history were already well known to me--I didn't have to look them up. Who could forget Harry's parents, James and Lily, for their spectacular sacrifice in giving up their lives for his, but also in passing down James' unruly black hair and Lily's green eyes.

Other portions of their family history required actual research (thank you internet!). Some things I learned for the first time (Molly Weasley's maiden name is Prewett?) but others came back to me with little jolts of excitement as they were pulled from the recesses of my memory. Seeing Cedrella Black's name reminded me of the familial connection through the Black line of Sirius, Bellatrix, the Malfoys, Tonks, and the Weasleys. Lily's last name being Evans pulled me back to the grand reveal of Snape's love for Lily that answered the question once and for all where his allegiance lay.

The entire experience from beginning to end probably took me half an hour, but researching and creating this fictitious family tree made me even more excited about Harry Potter, more connected with the characters. It was a nice reminder to me that the reverse would also be true; that by spending time getting to know the stories of my own ancestors would allow me to experience even more joy and connection each time I see their names in my own pedigree chart. A worthy endeavor? Absolutely.

If you'd like to watch the making of this Harry Potter example of a family tree chart see below:



P.S. Want to start your chart from this family tree template? Click here


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