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What's On Your Wall?

What's On Your Wall?

We have all seen the CaptialOne commercials with Alec Baldwin, Samuel L. Jackson, and other A-List celebrities, which all end with the catchy phrase "What's in your wallet?" Although what is in your wallet is of significant interest to me, today I look to pose a different question, "What's on your wall?" The things we put on our walls say a lot about us. And no, I'm not talking about your Facebook wall, the things it says about you are another conversation entirely. I am talking about the walls of your home, apartment, or office. 

For example, if you have a photo of your family on your wall, you are telling people that your family is important to you. If you have a record framed on your wall, you are telling people that you like music, and perhaps a certain musical group in particular. If you have a poster of Justin Bieber on your wall you are clearly telling people that you have no shame. If you have a flag on your wall, you are showing people your nationalistic or regional pride. If you have an oil painting of yourself hung up in a prominent place in your home, no matter how tasteful, you might want to work a little on humility.

No matter who you are, you use your walls to tell people about yourself, or at least the version of you that you want people to see. I, for example, have posters of my favorite cars and actors (Mercedes-Benz 300SL and Sean Connery, respectively), the flag of my beloved Argentina, and a Family Tree Print on my wall. What does that tell you about me? First of all, that I have a love for fast European cars and aging British actors with taupes. Second, that I was a missionary in Argentina. Third, that I love my family and cherish my heritage.

What does having a Family Tree Print on your wall tell people about you? In my opinion, it makes you extremely cool, and that alone should be a reason to buy one. But in addition, it tells people that you understand where you came from and that you respect those who came before you; most of all, it tells people that you love your family. So go check out today to make your custom Family Tree Print. It is our goal as a company to help you express your individuality, with our plentiful chart-customization opportunities, while at the same time helping you show (and remember) that your life is based on the heavenly foundation we all share, the family.


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5 Genealogy Wall Charts That Favor The Bold

5 Genealogy Wall Charts That Favor The Bold

You can't go wrong with the classic white genealogy wall chart and its more modern black counterpart (dubbed the little black pedigree chart) but when you're looking for a little something extra here are 5 family trees that, like fortune, favor the bold.


1. Heirloom Tomato Genealogy Wall Chart

Get started using this family tree template here.


2. Raspberry Revelry Genealogy Wall Chart

Get started using this family tree template here.


3. Whirligig Watermelon Genealogy Wall Chart

Get started using this family tree template here.


4. Dusky Iris Genealogy Wall Chart

Get started using this family tree template here.


5. Morning Patriot Genealogy Wall Chart

Get started using this family tree template here.


We find the choosing a bold chart works best if you're using it as a statement piece--family history as art if you will--in a mostly neutrally colored area, but if you've got uniquely bright and bold style you can make these work no matter how many other colors you've got going on. Ready to get started building your own family tree chart? Choose one of the templates above to begin or view more starting family tree templates here.


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The Little Black Pedigree Chart

The Little Black Pedigree Chart

You've probably heard of the little black dress, but have you heard of the little black pedigree chart? It's just as classy, just as adaptable, and just as good looking. 

We're only partially joking. We love white pedigree charts for their light, simplicity and class and we love the eye-catching attention that boldly color charts draw, but there's just something about this black circle pedigree chart that simultaneously makes a bold statement, keeps it classy and looks refined and purposeful anywhere.  Here are five living rooms with totally different vibes that could totally rock the little black pedigree chart.

black and white modern home

1. Black and white modernist

It might be obvious that a black family tree is the perfect pairing here--in fact it would be stunning! This room in particular could also rock a pedigree chart with grey or yellow. We're thinking Goldenrod Steel.


bright blue living room

2. Boldly colorful

Brightly colored accent walls have been around for a while now, but they're still all the rage (and even more kudos if you're brave enough to paint a whole room this color!) Often, if you go boldly colorful with one aspect of a room, it's best to stick with more neutral colors for the remaining decor (look at them go!) A little black chart would be a total win here. Runner up? I'd probably go with a solid grey pedigree chart.


dorm room

3. Pink dorm room

Even with all the light color (and pink!) going on in this dorm room, a little black pedigree chart would still look fantastic and be an eye-drawing statement piece. If the owner of this room wanted to stay with pastel we'd definitely choose a pink or mauve ombre chart to maintain the floaty feminine feel.


cozy living room

4. Comfy cozy traditional

Of all the rooms so far, this is the one I'd want to curl on the couch with a book in. Even in this very tradition, comfy, cozy setting the modernity of the little black pedigree chart works without being too start or modern. With everything going on, this room needs a bold chart to avoid it getting totally lost, so as a runner up we'd go with Morning Patriot to bring out that red!


mansion cabin living room

5. Upscale rustic

Is anyone else thinking skiing + hot chocolate + coming back to this room would feel like a little slice of perfection?! The only black in this room seems to be the fireplace doors, but with a gorgeously thick wooden frame the little black pedigree chart would be right a home here. Maybe you shouldn't print it to little though--the scale of this room is something else :) As an alternative for this room, we'd choose a large print of Natural Leaf to accent the wooded feel. 

Ready to create your own LBPC using our family tree maker? Get started from our Clean Blackboard family tree template here.

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