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What's On Your Wall?

What's On Your Wall?

We have all seen the CaptialOne commercials with Alec Baldwin, Samuel L. Jackson, and other A-List celebrities, which all end with the catchy phrase "What's in your wallet?" Although what is in your wallet is of significant interest to me, today I look to pose a different question, "What's on your wall?" The things we put on our walls say a lot about us. And no, I'm not talking about your Facebook wall, the things it says about you are another conversation entirely. I am talking about the walls of your home, apartment, or office. 

For example, if you have a photo of your family on your wall, you are telling people that your family is important to you. If you have a record framed on your wall, you are telling people that you like music, and perhaps a certain musical group in particular. If you have a poster of Justin Bieber on your wall you are clearly telling people that you have no shame. If you have a flag on your wall, you are showing people your nationalistic or regional pride. If you have an oil painting of yourself hung up in a prominent place in your home, no matter how tasteful, you might want to work a little on humility.

No matter who you are, you use your walls to tell people about yourself, or at least the version of you that you want people to see. I, for example, have posters of my favorite cars and actors (Mercedes-Benz 300SL and Sean Connery, respectively), the flag of my beloved Argentina, and a Family Tree Print on my wall. What does that tell you about me? First of all, that I have a love for fast European cars and aging British actors with taupes. Second, that I was a missionary in Argentina. Third, that I love my family and cherish my heritage.

What does having a Family Tree Print on your wall tell people about you? In my opinion, it makes you extremely cool, and that alone should be a reason to buy one. But in addition, it tells people that you understand where you came from and that you respect those who came before you; most of all, it tells people that you love your family. So go check out today to make your custom Family Tree Print. It is our goal as a company to help you express your individuality, with our plentiful chart-customization opportunities, while at the same time helping you show (and remember) that your life is based on the heavenly foundation we all share, the family.


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We All Have A Name

We All Have A Name

You probably have a name, don’t you? I bet you do. Names are how we as people are identified. Usually we have at least two names: a first name and a last name. We use our first name to introduce ourselves, identify our order at Starbucks, and to give our Mom something to yell to specify which kid she is angry at. We also have a last name, there is something different about that.

That name has been used by people for hundreds of years. That name means something. That name has a story. Maybe it tells you what country our ancestors came from, or what their occupations were. And every day you go out in the world, you shoulder the legacy of your ancestors, and you add your part to that legacy yourself.

Now that sounds like a big responsibility doesn’t is? Well, it is. But I know you can handle it. You know why? Because every single one of your ancestors did it. When you are having struggles, and you think you just can’t make it, you can receive strength from those who came before you. Doubtless, one of your ancestors had struggles like yours. Maybe they had a hard time in college, or maybe it took them a long time to find a spouse, or maybe they spent their whole life working hard and just couldn’t get ahead. But look, they somehow got things figured out. And you can too.

Take pride in your name, represent it well. Learn where you came from, and let it determine who you can become. Maybe your ancestors were awesome, follow their example and be awesome. Maybe your ancestors were kind of lame, be better. Each new generation is a thread in the tapestry of history; each thread is individually important, but when put all together they make a beautiful work of art.

Great metaphor right? I thought so. Fortune cookie metaphors aside, the good news is that you can have that work of art today. At this moment, we aren’t making tapestries, but we do make prints, which is the next best thing. So check out today to customize, create, and order your very own Family Tree Print; so that you can know where you came from, and have the motivation to get where you need to go.

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5 Family Tree Templates for the Bold

5 Family Tree Templates for the Bold

Family tree charts are traditionally white or that muted rainbow (you know what I'm talking about--it's terrific for tracing genealogical lines, but less so for coordinating with the modern home). They say that fortune favors the bold, and now it does in the land of family tree templates as well. Here's 5 templates that will bring a decided color pop!


Available in both circle and fan shapes (as all our templates are!), our heirloom tomato template feels like a breathe of warm summer air and is most definitely not your typical family tree chart color scheme. 

heirloom tomato family tree template

heirloom tomato family tree template circle



Ombre is all the rage and for good reason--it's fantastic and fun! We've also got rose ombre and mauve ombre templates, but this aqua one is absolutely the boldest. 

aqua ombre circle family tree template



The streak of dark accompanying the bold turquoise gives this a statement piece an added level of sophistication, making it an equally delightful addition to a dining room or a dorm room. We've found a black frame is definitely the way to go here! Circle or fan shaped starting templates here.

bright turqoise and black family tree template

blue and black family tree circle template


This template always reminds me of a perfectly ripe plum. While no one (at least that I know of!) sets out in search of an orange and purple family tree because it just sounds horrendous, this template is anything but.

orange and purple circle family tree template


This is my favorite bold template by far--the color scheme was inspired by a gorgeous floral Anthropologie pillow!--and boy is it bright. You can see what a difference how many generations you choose affects the look and feel for this template...more generations, more pizazz! Start from either the circle or fan shapes.

multi-color fan family tree chart template

raspberry revelry circle family tree template

Want to see more bright and bold templates? Get started here!


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5 Genealogy Wall Charts That Favor The Bold

5 Genealogy Wall Charts That Favor The Bold

You can't go wrong with the classic white genealogy wall chart and its more modern black counterpart (dubbed the little black pedigree chart) but when you're looking for a little something extra here are 5 family trees that, like fortune, favor the bold.


1. Heirloom Tomato Genealogy Wall Chart

Get started using this family tree template here.


2. Raspberry Revelry Genealogy Wall Chart

Get started using this family tree template here.


3. Whirligig Watermelon Genealogy Wall Chart

Get started using this family tree template here.


4. Dusky Iris Genealogy Wall Chart

Get started using this family tree template here.


5. Morning Patriot Genealogy Wall Chart

Get started using this family tree template here.


We find the choosing a bold chart works best if you're using it as a statement piece--family history as art if you will--in a mostly neutrally colored area, but if you've got uniquely bright and bold style you can make these work no matter how many other colors you've got going on. Ready to get started building your own family tree chart? Choose one of the templates above to begin or view more starting family tree templates here.


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