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Real Customer Question: I Love What You Do, But My Family History Isn't Very Complete: How Does It Work For People Like Me?

Real Customer Question: I Love What You Do, But My Family History Isn't Very Complete: How Does It Work For People Like Me?

We figure if one person has a question, others probably do too, and we want to help you know how to make a family tree...specifically how to make YOUR family tree! Today's real customer question is:

Q: I love what you do, but my family history isn't very complete. How does it work for people like me?

A: The short answer is, the same. You'll just want to choose the right template to make it look fantastic!

Each family history has its own unique challenges. I have a cousin whose genealogy on one line stops with her Greek grandmother on one side, who although living does not know her parents' names. My cousin's family took a trip to Greece this summer to see what they could learn from local records and still... nothing. So the question is... does an incomplete genealogy change how you make a genealogy wall chart? It depends.

It's true that the gorgeously symmetrical fan chart going back 10 generations is impressive and beautiful, but there are lots of ways to represent your unique genealogy in a beautiful way that pays tribute to your ancestors and looks great hanging up.

black genealogy wall chart

If you're a lover of all things symmetric, try decreasing the number of generations displayed in your chart. Just because you have 10 generations for one line, doesn't mean you have to display them all on your wall. Choosing a bold and interesting template can make a 3 or four generation chart look super cool, and adding a text decal adds another layer of interest.

As an addendum to that, if you have several lines stretching to infinity, but others that are shorter, you can create a smaller (3-5 generation chart), as well as several other smaller charts for specific lines you'd like to feature. (Using our FamilySearch import it's super easy to put ANYONE at the center of your chart, so this is easy peasy!)

white circle family tree template

Another option is to embrace the complexity and lopsidedness of your chart! One template that lends itself really well to this is our White Simplicity Template... no lines, no background color... just names. It's gorgeous, classic, classy and modern. One of my personal favorite templates of all time. This can look really cool in a fan shape, or in a circle shape. For any template, when working with a "lopsided" genealogy, removing the lines or making them extra pronounced can help with the artistry.

bold family tree template

The long and the short of it is... play around. Something unique will look best with your genealogy. With this chart, I ended up choosing a VERY bold template and leaving an entire extra generation blank to act as a sort of frame for the chart. It looks really cool and bright with the extra thick white lines, and it looked absolutely HORRID with a one-pixel line. So play with it, and you'll discover a chart as unique as your own genealogy.

Want to go right into our family tree maker app to experiment? Go for it!

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